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Adherents will work on behalf of customers to guarantee the respect of the following:

I) The dishes, proposed to the clientele, must be characterized by a prevailing use of fresh products. The menu must express, for every seingle dish, the denomination and the price, as well as the regional typologies of the oils and vinegars used in the premises.

II) The staff responsible for service should be able to illustrate with courtesy and competence the wine cellar and kitchen proposals, considering primarly the customer's interests.

III) The daily menu should suggest at least: a proposal of typical dishes or tastes in which traditional dishes ar prevalent; a proposal of sishes prepared following modern principles, characterized by some original touch.

IV) A wine detailed list should always be offere to the customer, to give the opportunity to match the best coupling of wining and dining.

V) Partial use of frozen or conserved ingredients should permittedm as long as they are indicated on the menu.

VI) The proposals of the wine cellar should include local or regional wines. The wine list should mention the price.

VII) The wine list and the menu should be exibited inside the restaurant, as reccomended by the law, but also outside it, in italian as well as in one of the main european language.

VIII) The hygiene of the kitchen and of the personnel should be guaranteed by the respect of the regular norms and certificated by every member of Club.

IX) Restaurants respecting the rules mentionedabove will have the opportunity of entering exclusive Club "Restaurants of Parma"


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